Discovery How To Run Pain Free!

21 Day Runners Reset

21 Days to create a strong pain free runner.

Through our assessment learn your strength and weaknesses in order to focus your training on areas that could be slowing you down or causing you injury.

In this 3 week program you will learn to activate muscles and correct imbalances that will allow you to run longer and without pain.

With this Reset comes our flexible Nutrition Course which will teach you the fundamentals of an effective diet for endurance athletes all without the restriction and calorie counting of most fad diets of today.

“Working with Coach Jonas is fun and inspiring! Each session is different, targeting specific areas and learning new moves. In 8 short weeks I was able to drop pounds, gain strength and feel great about the skin I’m in!”


Programs include
  • Success Session and Movement Assessment
  • 2 Small Group Sessions per week for 3 weeks
  • Access to Online Fat-burning Workouts
  • Nutrition Course
  • Fitness and Nutrition Newsletters

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