Infinite Fitness Small Group Personal Training IS HIRING!

Infinite Fitness Small Group Personal Training is looking for a talented and passionate individual to join our team as a performance coach.

Performance Coach

  • Fast-growing independently owned athletic performance gym
  • Functional strength and conditioning gym offering semi-private training and individualized programming
  • We work largely with endurance athletes but are willing to work with anyone that is dedicated to learning proper mechanics and technique.

Goal-Oriented: At the individual level, the team level, and the client level, we create a plan and track our results and progress thoroughly.

Systematic: We will have a system in place for our processes in order to be the most efficient as possible.

Selfless: We think of ourselves less and others more. We sincerely care about the success of the team.

Innovative: We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of the science of training.

Purposeful: We are purpose-driven in everything we do. We use our why and our purpose to guide our decisions.

Prepared: We show up prepared and present in order to complete the task thoroughly and effectively.

We’re looking for an A-player performance coach or personal trainer to join our growing team

The primary responsibility of this position is to lead semi-private sessions. There are up to 5 people per session training through individualized programs. No programming is required.

This is not a sales position, there are no quotas to meet and you will not be pushed to sell any other products or services.

  • Alignment of personal values with our core values
  • Compatible training style with our primary client segments (endurance athletes and general population rehabbing and mitigating injuries)
  • Passionate about strength and conditioning as well as athletic performance
  • An eye for proper mechanics
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Driven and motivated to keep growing (having your own entrepreneurial goals is a big plus!)

Deliver program to semi-private and 1-1 coaching clients. Must be able to communicate and demonstrate exercises effectively.

In this role you will be leading athletes and general population clients through a functional training program using a variety of free weight, body weight, and barbell movements.

  • Ability to multitask and work with multiple clients at once
  • Understanding of basic biomechanics
  • Able to teach progressions and regressions of the basic functional movements
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Personal training certification, relevant degree, or 2 years experience


Send a cover letter letting us know why you’re a good fit for this role and your resume to the email below.


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Jonas is the founder and owner of Infinite Fitness. His passion for fitness and strength started in high school after receiving mentorship from the football and powerlifting coaches. His love grew after being involved in triathlons in college while studying for his undergraduate in Kinesiology. Through being involved in the sports and gaining his education in kinesiology, he noticed the number of preventable overuse injuries triathletes and endurance athletes suffered; this is where his interest in working with endurance athletes sprouted from. After moving to Austin while recovering from shoulder surgery, he began to notice a gap in the rehab to fitness continuum and the lack of direction once a patient has been discharged from physical therapy. From that experience, he decided to start the Rehab to Performance program. Jonas is involved with strength sports in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Currently, he is a full-time coach with Infinite Fitness, has a small team of powerlifters, and works with the local high school (Navarro High) in assisting with their powerlifting program.