“I have been able to increase my endurance…I feel stronger during my run and I really attribute that to the strength training.” - cINDY

My name is Cindy.

I’ve been training with Infinite Fitness for five months now. I was training for a half marathon when I first met Jonas.

I struggled with muscle strains, sprains, not recovering. I was just training for the half marathon of my own and I struggled to meet my long runs.

And after meeting with Jonas at one of the ten-mile races that I was doing, I have been able to increase my endurance on hills. I no longer have to feel like I have to stop when I go up them. I feel stronger during my run and I really attribute that to the strength training. He’s also been able to connect me with other resources and connect you to an appropriate run group. Now I feel confident with my training plan and I can stick to it. I meet, almost every week my long run. So I’ve been really, really pleased with my progress with strength training through infinite fitness. And I’d recommend it.

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Jonas is the founder and owner of Infinite Fitness. His passion for fitness and strength started in high school after receiving mentorship from the football and powerlifting coaches. His love grew after being involved in triathlons in college while studying for his undergraduate in Kinesiology. Through being involved in the sports and gaining his education in kinesiology, he noticed the number of preventable overuse injuries triathletes and endurance athletes suffered; this is where his interest in working with endurance athletes sprouted from. After moving to Austin while recovering from shoulder surgery, he began to notice a gap in the rehab to fitness continuum and the lack of direction once a patient has been discharged from physical therapy. From that experience, he decided to start the Rehab to Performance program. Jonas is involved with strength sports in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Currently, he is a full-time coach with Infinite Fitness, has a small team of powerlifters, and works with the local high school (Navarro High) in assisting with their powerlifting program.