“The big thing for me has been the continual forward progress. I just have a lot more confidence in my fitness.” - SUSAN

Hi, I’m Susan Burnett. I’ve been here eight, nine months, eight and a half months.

My biggest struggle was just injury, trying to get away over facts. I had hamstring issues and I’ve been in that zone of injury for about a year, year and a half, and it never got just so terrible, but it also never got better. I needed to get over that home. I was like in the state of just being really frustrated all the time. I couldn’t do the things that I really enjoyed doing.

My primary sports is running. I enjoy swimming. I like to cycle. And if you have back issues, you’re just really you can’t do any of those things. It affected me when I traveled. Sitting on a plane was a big problem, and I travel a lot, so it’s just a big impact on my life.

I think for me, starting here and then continuing on after my initial just kind of runner reset program, the big thing for me has just been this continual forward progress. You come in here at this really efficient workout, you’re in and out of here in an hour, and you build upon what you did previously, and so you never get into that point where you’re so sore that you don’t want to do anything else. It’s just a really regimented program that you build on your previous strength, and so you just feel yourself on this upward climb the entire time you’re training here now. I just have a lot more confidence in my fitness.

I know if we’re out traveling and we want to go for a run, I’m going to be able to get up and go for a run. Even though I’ve been on a plane for 3 hours, I know I’ve been able to get back up to the type of mileage I was doing before I started coming in here. And then just my movement patterns have changed. Realize how much your strength affects your movement pattern, and my movement patterns have changed dramatically. I feel it just in my everyday, what I’m doing every day, just a standard stuff that you do.

So that’s what it’s done for me.

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Jonas is the founder and owner of Infinite Fitness. His passion for fitness and strength started in high school after receiving mentorship from the football and powerlifting coaches. His love grew after being involved in triathlons in college while studying for his undergraduate in Kinesiology. Through being involved in the sports and gaining his education in kinesiology, he noticed the number of preventable overuse injuries triathletes and endurance athletes suffered; this is where his interest in working with endurance athletes sprouted from. After moving to Austin while recovering from shoulder surgery, he began to notice a gap in the rehab to fitness continuum and the lack of direction once a patient has been discharged from physical therapy. From that experience, he decided to start the Rehab to Performance program. Jonas is involved with strength sports in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Currently, he is a full-time coach with Infinite Fitness, has a small team of powerlifters, and works with the local high school (Navarro High) in assisting with their powerlifting program.