Scott's success story

"The pain in my lower legs and feet is gone...I've regained endurance has increased substantially."

Hello, my name is Scott, and I’ve been training with Jonas now for about 18 months. I’m a high school football and lacrosse official.


Before finding us, what was the biggest struggle/biggest frustration you had?

The struggle would be the recovery after games. I’d typically run between 3-5 miles per game, and my recovery time, being in my 60s, was quite a challenge


How did that affect your life? How did you feel before you started training with us?

Oh it was good but, as I mentioned, just recovery time and constant pain in my feet and lower legs, my feet were just a constant struggle trying to cover grass, as a football official and a lacrosse official.


And how did the strength training help you?

Phenomenal. The pain in my lower legs and my feet is gone. I’ve regained a lot more balance and stability, and my endurance has increased substantially.


How’s life different? How’s officiating different now?

My tolerance for coaches has increased because I don’t have near the pain…but at the end of the day, like I said, my recovery time to officiate the next game assignment, either it’d be later in the week or even the next game after that previous game.

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